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to psql.nl where you can find a selection of my favorite photo's I have made.


I'm a self-taugth amateur that likes to take photo's in Nature, the Zoo and during my holidays in other countries or just a weekend away here in the Netherlands or somewhere else in the world. I take photo's from lots of different things, it can be a landscape, a bug in the weeds or the bigger animals I'm finding in nature where I'm walking at that moment.


All images copyright Pasqual Demmenie. All rights reserved.


My photography hobby started in I think it was 2003, when I bought my self my first Compact Digital Camera. It started with taking photo's of another hobby of me "Radio Controlled Model Cars".


After a few years I started to like making photo's of also other things. Then decided to make a step forward and replaced my Compact Camera with a DSLR, it was the Canon EOS 350D with EF-S 18-55mm kitlens. From that point on I was taking my camera more and more where ever I go to.


On my website you will find some of my latest and my favorite photos in different photography categories. If you have any questions or some questions about something on my website use the contact button below and send me an Email.


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